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If you are looking for microwave oven that is efficient and attractive also, it has to be Samsung Microwave oven.These microwave ovens from Samsung are considered as the best one available in the market.Samsung is a leading company in the world in the field of home appliances and electronic gadgets. Samsung manufactures wide range of microwave ovens to match the cooking requirements of different kinds of consumers. You can choose from wide choice of microwave ovens provided by this company. All the Samsung microwave ovens are efficient in terms of looks and performance.The Samsung Microwave ovens perform better than other microwave ovens because they are designed with advanced technology. These Microwave ovens from Samsung use advanced sensor technology. It makes use of a special semi-conductor that offers great advantage over the humidity based sensors that are used conventionally.

Unlike other microwave ovens, these microwave ovens give excellent results even with food that are low in water content such as pizza, bread or frozen treats. In every Samsung Microwave oven, the sensor technology is placed on a thick film metal oxide semiconductor.In fresh air this chip has high electrical resistance which reduces when organic vapors from cooking food originate. The deoxidizing vapor reacts with oxygen present on the surface of the sensor.It helps the microwave oven to measure the duration of cooking required for a food. Once the food is cooked, it stops cooking.This technology protects the food from burning.To achieve the best cooking results with Samsung microwave ovens, there is no need of guesswork. You need not enter time, quantity information or weight before you start cooking. The Sensor technology given in the Samsung microwave ovens accurately judges the time to be taken for cooking by measuring the naturally produced vapors.

This method can be more accurate than entering a pre-programmed heating time.The Samsung microwave oven has several other features which are unique. The Power Grill feature present in the Samsung Microwave ovens is an efficient feature. It has triple grill that consists of a ceiling heating element and two side elements.This feature cooks the bottom and top half of the food at the same time.It helps you achieve faster yet efficient cooking. Having a Samsung Microwave oven is the right decision if you need an efficient assistant in your kitchen. If you are planning to buy Samsung Microwave ovens, you can visit a reputed online store. There you can compare Samsung microwave oven features with that of other microwave ovens present in the market.

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Samsung Microwave Oven India

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This article was published on 2010/09/27