Microwave Radiation Health Concerns

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The microwave oven is definitely one of the most helpful appliances you can have in your kitchen. It has numerous uses - cooking food, heating food, boiling water or milk. The microwave makes cooking a simple task, however, it emits big amounts of radiation and this can be hazardous if you are exposed too much.

The way microwaves work

The microwaves use a innovative method to cook food - they send waves that cause the water molecules to rapidly vibrate. This creates massive amounts of energy which cook the food. In perfect conditions the microwaves are held within the microwave. Problems occur when your skin is exposed to those waves. This can happen when the microwave is on and it has a leakage. The leakage cannot be detected by the human eye, because microwaves can't be seen or smelt.

Microwave Radiation Health Concerns

The radiation from the microwave can cause various health problems like cataracts, headaches and dizziness, skin cancer, temporary sterility, blood disorders and others. According to scientists children are even more susceptible to damage from microwave radiation. The reason for this is that children's cells are still in development and as they grow, they interfere with any biological processes. The interference with radiation can cause cellular mutation and long term damage on their health.

Sadly, the studies can only tell the effects of short exposure to high-levels of radiation. There is no current information about the effect of low-level exposure for a long time, but one thing is for sure - it can't be good for you.

The danger becomes even bigger when you take in mind that people are not exposed to just microwave radiation. We are being exposed to radiation from radio towers, wireless networks, cell phones and many others. It is hard to say which technology emits the highest levels of radiation and how dangerous it is, because scientists just can't expose subjects to low-level radiation for a long time.

How to Avoid Dangerous Microwave Exposure?

Microwave repair servicemen have conducted a research which indicates some disturbing facts. More than 50% of microwaves which are older than two years leak a 10% higher amount of radiation than the allowed by the FDA. The goods news is that this leakage can quickly be fixed. The only thing you need to do is to send you are microwave and have it serviced in order to find any leakages and fix them.


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Microwave Radiation Health Concerns

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This article was published on 2011/09/09