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400 700 performance between
Microwave ovens
Is the average consumer household use acceptable price, in this part of the microwave oven can be said with almost all barbecue,
Control panel. 400 to 500 yuan can be achieved between the basic microwave oven grill, computer control, simple recipes, etc., and most of the light + microwave. About 500 yuan to 600 microwave oven functions will work on more options, such as
Microwave Oven MG-5021MW1,
Above in the barbecue under the martial arts, using quartz tube grill, new multiple microwave, rotate heating and other functions, to more than 600 yuan on the product, it is of some relatively new models, and its function is also more of each
Some of the main features. The beauty in each eye, pay attention to affordable choice between 400-499 yuan of products in general have been enough. If life demands more choice and better quality. And generally
The higher the price of microwave ovens in which the higher value of sending gifts is sent to buy microwave oven
Rice cooker
Activities in engaging in activities in the store is very common.

First out is between 400 yuan to 500 yuan of products, the price, features almost, if given the choice, would see their power, capacity, liner material, gifts, and if it is their appearance good heart.

Inspired by light microwave MI-2270EGC (VC)

Price: 497.00 yuan

Haier microwave oven light inspiration MI-2270EGC (VC)

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Inspired by light
Haier microwave oven MI-2270EGC (VC) using Smart touch buttons, high sensitivity, feel good, easy to operate, wear-resistant. With a total of Sichuan \ Lu \ Huai \ Lu four dishes, 16 models of the menu, meet people of different tastes, with 8 automatic menus, automatically default the best weight, taste is a bit too. And auto-sensor cooking tips with the menu function, the next step and make reminding cooking process, cooking easier and more worry. For seafood, meat thawing on the appropriate menu to thaw frozen foods to ensure food and nutrition is not lost. Unique feature of the dry soaking hard foods cooked after soaking first, to ensure the fresh taste of food. According to different articles microwave, light for sterilization
. Functional design to the taste, odor can quickly remove the oven cavity, to avoid the food odor. Clock settings, and automatic locking appointment cooking, humanized design, save your life every minute. Power saving function, microwave in 10 minutes, no action will automatically enter sleep mode, more energy-efficient, child lock design, safer, and more peace of mind. Shortcuts design, that is a little too early dinner. Also separate the operation beep tone, and tone blossoms set, cooking more interesting. Computer
Color dynamic display, the operating status at a glance.

Comment: Although the description is a long list, but in terms of the relative price of 497 yuan this feature Tingzhi, to its credit operations to a tone sounds to add some of this functionality Daoshi normal cooking fun, smart power saving function Haier has always been designed to meet the consumers would like to get more intimate idea.


Maximum power (w) 1200

Capacity (L) 22

Control Computer Type

General property group

Dimensions (mm) 288 * 486 * 376

Liner material titanium optical antimicrobial liner (Matrix)

Power (w) 1200W/700W

* Power: 1200W/700W

* Oven cavity volume about: 22L

* Dimensions: * 486 * 376 288

* Smart touch button, sensitive and easy to operate

* Automatic cooking, induction tips, cooking easier

* Chuan \ Lu \ Huai \ Lu four major branches, to meet the different tastes

* Microwave, light disinfection, in addition to functional design smell

* Clock, timer function, more convenient, more peace of mind

* Intelligent standby, energy saving, key sound blossoms set

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Microwave Oven From 400 To 700 Yuan Shopping Guide - Microwave Ovens, Microwave Ovens Shopping Guide

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