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Cooking stew barbecue??? Are now free of a life time, more and more people seeking an easy, simple, free way of life, and in this way of life, the microwave oven could almost be said that the essential home appliances 1. Morning, lazily up from the blanket in use microwave for a glass of milk, bake a dessert, call ~, a new day begins; evening, came home from work, hard day in the microwave cook a few dishes, It is easy to spend that they have scared the belly; night watching TV, Internet hours, to produce a bag of microwave popcorn, inadvertently a real treat, prevent their gluttonous the saliva. Weekend, about a few good friends to sit at home, full of melancholy and joy of a week, microwave goes to a rich dinner table, so my friends new look for their cooking. Oh, so random I'm afraid of life or less microwave oven it will increase a lot of trouble, so microwave oven is basically a modern one will buy the appliance.

Reporter recently visited the States United States Beitaipingzhuang shop and found microwave ovens are now selling them, no matter young or single white-collar family of loving parents, or grandparents are elderly Nail soft spot on the microwave oven, Microwave life has deeply penetrated into people's lives in the. Let us look at what the market boutique recently, to meet everyone's desires and requirements.

Chic life - young and articles

For the modern young family, fashion, elegance, personality is synonymous with them. Their lives are filled with such atmosphere, the kitchen has always been that they are cold because the traditional soy, fried dishes approach could bring a lot of smoke, while complex and may also allow them to catch up, it seems the kitchen for them, is completely forbidden. However, the microwave oven changed this situation, the kitchen has become the young family's world, even the weekend gathering also selected in a warm home. Classic, gorgeous microwave oven not only decorate the homes of individuality, but also bring convenience to life.

Recommended products: Haier MY2070EGZ Extreme microwave steam curing

Click here to view all News Photos Product performance: Haier Microwave steam curing Extreme internal capacity 20L, built a sports package, steam curing meals, light meals barbecue series, series and other staple mode of operation, perfectly suited the needs of youth. At the same time, Haier has built four major branches MY2070EGZ cooking methods: Sichuan, Shandong cuisine, Huaiyang, Cantonese, give consumers the same geographic location different styles of delicious enjoyment.

Haier Microwave light antibacterial titanium liner, including 8 trace elements, non-stick oil, easy to clean, any grease, stains only lightly with a cloth wiped completely clear traces of their health, and environmental protection. Microwave oven designed to mirror the runway to meet the spirit of the Olympic movement, accompanied by fine Promise knob, full of youthful vigor, is rare in a beautiful interior landscape.

Haier steam oven cavity by the switch to the bottom of wave oven microwave emission by microwave shielding technology to microwave steam generator directly on the water temperature reached the boiling point of water to produce steam, using steam cycle technology in foods from outside the moisture of heating. No-wheel design, the solution of the traditional microwave oven by the side of the launch of a low thermal efficiency caused by microwave heating of food affect taste and other issues, clean up easier. Not only steamed buns, dumplings and other staple foods, but also can do steamed fish, staples such as Mei Cai Kou Rou. Steamed soft and delicious food, nutritious and delicious. This design was awarded the 2004 "Energy Conservation Award" in 2005, won the "new kitchen" of the title, is the 2008 Olympic Games special products specified in microwave.

Regret and lack of: As Haier built a variety of cuisine and food preparation, operations and too complicated; so-called "state industry to concentrate on", too many function also affect its accuracy.

Repairs: steam curing Extreme Haier Microwave pursue life-long warranty high quality service.

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Microwave "frequency" Simple Life, Recommended Four Microwave

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This article was published on 2010/10/24