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Summer heat temperature, the traditional kitchen, such as "sauna", a kitchen revolution imminent. This summer, because "all" microwave oven "flying into the homes of ordinary people," so the kitchen is one of life change, cool, simple, stylish kitchen, a new life have become synonymous.

"Almighty" microwave so popular

Ding wife is a homemaker, she was already accustomed to hot fumes finally enjoy the cool summer kitchen life, "the high summer temperatures already, before the hot kitchen fire and smoke even more unbearable diffuse, Galanz now rely on 'Chinese Red' versatile microwave oven, I can easily and conveniently make nutritional home cooking, no longer when the 'Huanglian Po' the. "

Miss Fu office workers at noon every day can not do without the company's all-around microwave ovens. "Colleagues over 'praise', will not bring food nutrition loss, light waves also have a bacteria, can the three-minute daily noon meal 'sting' good." She is very versatile microwave oven is satisfied: "use it ' bite 'food, health and convenience are guaranteed. "

For a new generation of "home-home women men", the microwave oven has become an indispensable part of life. Pursuit of "making meaning of life" is their common ground, eating is no longer just to fill his stomach, only the most important day of fresh, through the Internet to find recipes and find their own way, own microwave oven with a lot of Almighty Galanz fresh food, "my kitchen, I call the shots."

It is understood that, with the popularity of all-around microwave ovens, housewives, office workers, house persons, the original three groups with different lifestyles, also appeared in the summer, the intersection of life, using all-around microwave fixed up three meals a day to become a new trend of life this summer.

Kitchen "Transformers" With the recent release of the U.S. blockbuster "Transformers 2" and brought "Transformers" craze, all-powerful microwave oven because of its comprehensive functionality and unmatched practicality, was touted as the kitchen, many consumers "Transformers."

It is understood that many consumers in the summer, anorexia, no appetite and hope always for what new flavors. Galanz now selling "Red China", "image of China" and so versatile microwave oven, "stewed, roasted, boiled, steamed," everything, with eight dishes, dozens of vegetable-based auto-cooking menu, daily within half an hour three dishes and one soup can "change" came out, hence the kitchen, "Transformers," the nickname. In particular, "the image of China" is China's only multi-media microwave oven, with multimedia MP4, personalized menu of treatments, luxury fashion design style, eye-catching flat-panel mirror, in particular, sought after by the fashion crowd.

Electrical stores, according to a person in charge to reflect, as is particularly rich, all-microwave popular market it is now one of the most popular seasonal appliances.

China Brand Research Institute recently published "China card" brand, Galanz, with its outstanding contributions in the microwave industry and absolute advantage, as the only peer-honored brands
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Kitchen Transformers! Recent Hot Round Microwave Oven - Microwave Ovens, Galanz Microwave Ovens,

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This article was published on 2011/01/23