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Microwave oven to enter China from just now almost 10 years, the park has grown from Europe and the United States to products, into our city life in one of Jin and the kitchen appliances. The microwave oven is about the life of ten years or so, we can see, microwave ovens will soon usher in the upgrading of consumption, and as the popularity of microwave ovens, microwave ovens are only used by the original "hot meal" of the tool, gradually It is accepted as one of the kitchen a few large. The use of the process, constantly create all kinds of microwave food, people are not only demanding microwave ovens heat food, barbecue and other functions, tend to approach the variety of cooking, as well as product safety, health, appearance and operational more is required, especially in the homogenization of product function under the appearance of fashion design more personalized access to the consumer of the favored.

Currently on the market about the microwave oven to three hundred dollars more to mechanical operation, no simple model of the microwave oven grill, is the so-called-for-money Moreover, buy microwave oven is usually a time when there will be a lot of gifts to send, it is generally intended to buy a home, if only heat up the use of microwave cooking on the functional requirements are not high consumers can choose this type of product,

To more than 400 600 yuan or so in the microwave, the product would become available much more. This price will generally function with a BBQ, such as combination of barbecue, thin piece barbecue, etc., in the mode of operation is also more for the computer panel type visual mode of operation, the heating time can be set generally accurate to 30 seconds, the security Consumers also can add a multiple insurance and cooking methods from the original simple heating, increased to boil, braise, roast, etc.. And more modern in appearance, close to the young people living preferences.



Two-uniform wave series MK-2270M (White) (N)

Reference price: 298.00 yuan

Haier dual-uniform wave series MK-2270M (White) (N)

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Basic parameters:

* Size: 288 * 468 * 370 (H * W * D)

* Furnace chamber size: 221 * 302 * 318 mm


* Power: 700 W

* Capacity: 22 L

* Operation: mechanical

* Liner material: steel plate for the antibacterial

* Microwave input power: 1200 W

* Grill power: no

* Oscillation frequency: 2450 MHz

* Supply Voltage: 220/50 V / Hz


* Two-wave microwave absorption

* Large capacity oven cavity antibacterial

* Two-uniform wave technology, heat is more evenly

* Oversized steel


Screen door

* User friendly design, common menu at a glance

Is the so-called-for-money, this Haier microwave oven for the low-end to the price of less than 300 yuan, the use of the microwave oven can be considered less demanding users, such as for hot meals, simple dishes made simple operation. Low is the biggest advantage of this microwave oven.

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Buy 400 Yuan Less Microwave

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This article was published on 2010/10/15